The Department for Atmospheric Optics and Instrumentation

The Laboratory of the atmosphere optics (now the Department of this name) created in 2000 (Head of Laboratory - Dr. MG Sosonkin). Since 2009 part of the department of physics of planetary systems, 2014 - to the Department of 2. Since 2016 laboratories. transformed into a department of atmospheric optics and instrumentation. The main focus of the department is to develop equipment and methods of optical monitoring of planetary atmospheres, including the Earth's atmosphere, astro-space instrumentation.


Syniavskyi Ivan.Ivanovych. Head of the Department, PhD syn(at)
Milinevsky G.P. ScD milinevskyg(at)
Sosonkin Mikhail Grygorovych leading researcher, PhD sosonkin(at)
Dlugach Zhanna Mykhailivna acting leading researcher, Dr.Sci. dl(at)
Ivanov Yurii Stratonovych senior researcher iva(at)
Yeremenko Natalia Oleksiivna leading engineer eremenko(at)
Bovchaliuk Andriy Pavlovych researcher bovchaliuk(at)
Delets Olexandr Semenovych leading engineer alexdel(at)
Osypenko Roman Sergiyovych leading engineer