1. First Division (scientific researches), Coordinator - acad. NAS of Ukraine Ya.S.Yatskiv, co-Coordinator - corr.member NAS of Ukraine N.G.Shchukina :

1.1. The Department for Astrometry and Space Geodynamics
(Head of the Department: Medvedsky M.M., Ph.D.).

1.1.1. The Laboratory of Astrometry
(Head of the Laboratory: Lasorenko P.F., Ph.D.).

1.2. The Department for Atmospheric Optics and Instrumentation
(Acting Head of the Department: Sinyavsky I.I., Ph.D.).


1.3. The Department for Physics of Sub-stellar and Planetary Systems
(Head of the Department: Pavlenko Ya.V., Sc.D.).

1.3.1 The Laboratory for Physics of Minor Solar System Bodies
(Head of the Laboratory: Korsun P.P., Sc.D.)

1.4. The Department for Solar Physics
(Head of the Department: Shchukina N.G., Sc.D.).

1.4.1. The Laboratory for Transient Phenomena in Stars
(Head of the Laboratory: Zhilyaev B.E., Sc.D.).

1.5. The Department for Physics of Stars&Galaxies
(Head of the Department: Berczik P.P., Sc.D.).

1.5.1. The Laboratory for Physics of Galaxies with Active Star Formation
(Head of the Laboratory: Pilyugin L.S., Sc.D., corr. member NAS of Ukraine).


1.6. The Department for Extragalactic Astronomy and Astroinformatics
(Head of the Department: Vavilova I.B., Sc.D.).

1.6.1. The Laboratory for Large Scale Structure of the Universe

1.6.2. The Laboratory for Physics of Space Rays
(Head of the Laboratory: Shakhov B.O., Sc.D.).


2. The Second Division (scientific and educational), Coordinator - Kravchuk S.G. Ph.D., co-Coordinator Vavilova I.B. Sc.D. :

2.1. The Laboratory for Methodological and Information Support of Education and Science in Astronomy (MISES-A)

(Acting Head of the Laboratory: Kryachko I.P.).

2.2. Astronomic&Space Information and Computing Center
(Head of the Center: Veles O.A., Ph.D.).

2.3. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(Head of the Sector: Klymenko O.V.).


3. The Third Division (scientific and technical), Coordinator Shevchenko O.I. Sc.D., co-Coordinator (vacancy):

    3.1. Scientific and technical sector (vacancy);

    3.2. Scientific and technical library

          (Head of the library - Pecheroga N.V.)

    3.3. Scientific and technical archive

          (Head of the archive - Kizyun L.M., Ph.D.)


3. The Fourth Division (administrative and functional), Coordinator Khomenko M.I., co-Coordinator - Chief Energy Engineer Kostyuchenko V. L.