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The basic directions of researches of Laboratory for atmosphere optics:

- Research of an atmosphere of the Earth and other planets of Solar system by optical methods .
- Modeling processes of transportations and transformation of harmful impurity in an atmosphere
- Scientific and industrial optical instrument making
- Free Space Optical Communication Systems

Originally collective of laboratory, basically consist of the employees of a department of physics of bodies of Solar system. The long-term experience of study of atmospheres of planets of Solar system in a department of physics of planets has defined directions and methods of researches spent for laboratory

The study of an atmosphere will be carried out on several by directions.
Most urgent and practically important is research of chemical structure of a ground layer of an atmosphere in conditions of the large industrial centre. The modern approach to a problem assumes a complex of experimental and theoretical methods of researches which consist of monitoring of structure of air, inventory of emissions in an atmosphere, study of complex photochemistry of transformation of impurity The obligatory component of a difficult complex is modeling of processes of piling up, transportation, transformation and drain of impurities which pollute an atmosphere.

The tasks of laboratory are researches by optical methods of structure of a Terrestrial atmosphere, namely study of spectra of absorption of its compound radiation of natural and artificial sources.
In case of natural sources of absorption of all thickness of an atmosphere is investigated and for reception of distribution of structure on height it is necessary of attraction of special models. For interpretation of obtained spectra the programmatic complex MODTRAN 4 will be used.
The measurement is carried out in homogeneous ground layer in case of artificial sources. The near and average infra - red range of lengths waves is applied to study as in this part of a spectrum the overwhelming majority of molecular gases have the strips of absorption which are well registered.

As the basic tool for research of an atmosphere in Laboratory the FTIR spectrometer with the optical scheme "double cat eye" is used. The characteristics of this FTIR spectrometer in many respects are determined by mirror aspherical optics which was designed, developed and made in Laboratory. The originality of these optical details is that they are produced from the widely widespread aluminium alloy on the standard equipment without use of diamond processing.
The software and system of collection and handling of information developed in Laboratory for FTIR spectrometer permit to make fast Furies transformation of a complete file of meanings during measurement of a spectrum without termination of data's gathering process.

The data on inventory of pollution and meteoconditions assembled in cooperation with other establishments are used in Laboratory for works on modeling of pollution dynamics of an atmosphere above all territory of Kiev. Modeling is conducted with the using of a program complex UAM-V.
The named program is one of the most complete modern models, which take into account the maximal set of the factors influencing an atmosphere of the large modern city. The model UAM-V is developed by corporation SA˛.
During of process of modeling the concentrations more 40 chemical substances are taken into account which thrown out in an atmosphere and also the speeds more 100 chemical reactions of their interaction are taken into account. For account of diffusion and transformations of impurities are introduce as the initial data parameters of sources on structure and intensity of emissions, geometrical (height, arrangement) characteristic of sources, structure and albedo of a spreading surface, the meteoconditions are computed in all territory with using of model SA˛MM, the conditions of an irradiation are computed off depending on height of the Sun and condition of an atmosphere etc. Modeling with use of qualitative software on the basis of authentic experimental data permits:
- to receive a complete picture of a condition both tendency of levels and structure of pollution of an atmosphere;
- to predict a place, time and intensity of extreme situations;
- To interpolate a condition of pollution of an atmosphere on all researched territory
- To estimate dozes of influence of harmful impurity in air on the population;
- To develop the recommendations for the administrative decisions with the purpose of improvement of conditions.

Other important continuation of a traditional direction of planetary researches in MAO is participation of Laboratory in Space experiments.
In project of "Warning" in one of tasks was supposed study of correlation of behaviour of IR spectra of the top layers of an atmosphere with by seismic activity.
The staff of Laboratory has developed Technical task on IR complex based of spectrometer for performance of this task, the work on outline designing was carried out.
The experiment "Inframon" under the offer Morogenko and Shulman was included in the general Russian and Ukrainian program of scientific researches onboard the International space station. This project directed on widerange research of gases and aerosol structure of a terrestrial atmosphere. By laboratory are developed the program and technical task for this space experiment.

The tradition of spectropolarimetric researches of a Department of physics of planets has received the development in space experiments "Spectrometer - polamimeter " and "Spectrum - UV".
"Spectrometer - polarimeter" is first-order experiment of the above mentioned general program on International space station. The purpose of this experiment is study of bodies of Solar system in that part UV of a range, for which atmosphere of the Earth opaque.
For this purpose in a focal plane of a planetary telescope, which is developed in the Institute of space researchers, the installation of UV spectropolarimeter is planned.
The task of Laboratory in the context of the project "Spectrum-UV" consists in development of the optical scheme of star UV spectropolarimeter for an orbital telescope Ň-170. The work is conducted in close cooperation with Crimean astrophysical observatory.
More detail More detailed information on developments of optical instruments is introduced in partition design of optical systems.

In future the staff of Laboratory intends to continue use of unique experience of scientific instrument making accumulated in MAO involving advanced technologies for the decision of tasks of study of an atmosphere.


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