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Production of aspherical optics


In laboratory the design and a manufacturing techniques mirror aspherical optics are developed ("fokon", ellipsoid, aspherical mirror).Such optical elements are made of widespread aluminium alloys on the standard equipment without use diamond turning.
These manufacturing techniques allow to receive surfaces of any form with the big deviation from the nearest sphere.
Using: optical blocks of not image optical devices for transitions, collimation, focus (concentration) radiations in a wide spectral range from UV to IR.

The calculation and manufacturing mirror aspherical elements with various parameters are possible.
Contact us for more detailed information.


  • Focusing and collimation of light;
  • Pupil converters (entrance/exit) no vigneting, no energy losses:
    - circle aperture/ring aperture;
  • Spot size diameter 40-50 mkm;
  • Using: optical devices, IR, UV and visible source of light.



  • Transportation and focusing of image in the optical devices;
  • Ring aperture;
  • pot size diameter no more 150 mkm;
  • Replace the complex optical block;
  • Using: FTIR, systems for concentration of scattered light
    over optical devices working in a wide spectral range.


Aspherical mirror

  • Surface shape:
    • parabola;
    • non axis parabola;
    • ellips;
  • Collimation and focusing of light in optical systems;
  • Spot size diameter no more 300 mkm;
  • Using: optical devices working in UV, visible and IR specter range.

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