There is a time for all things (Ecclesiastes III,1).
Welcome to Kyiv & Ukraine!
this is the web site of Dr.Sci. Yakiv V. Pavlenko (^1,^2),
^1) Chief Research Fellow of the Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
^2) Visiting Research Fellow in the University of Hertfordshire,
Brown Dwarfs, Ultracool Dwarfs, Evolved Stars, Temporal Changes of Abundances of D, Li, C, N, O, ..., Isotopic Ratios, Model Atmospheres, Modelling of Optical and IR Spectra and SEDs of Late-type Stars and BDs, NLTE are YP's main topics.
Snailmail address:
Zabolotnoho 27, Kyiv-127, 03680 Ukraine
fax:..................380 44 526 21 47
phone:................380 44 526 47 71
E-mail to: yp[at]
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