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Доповіді, що були представлені під час літньої школи “Atmosphere researches. Challenge for Ukraine", яка пройшла з 15 по 19 вересня 2008 р. за підтримки Швейцарського національного научкового фонду (JRP #ІВ7320-110831)

Dr. Andre S.H. Prevot
Introduction into Particulate matter research: Measurement techniques, formation, influence on air quality and climate.

Johannes Staehelin
Ozone formation in the troposphere: Basic mechanisms and photooxidant air pollution.
Road traffic emissions in Switzerland: Results from the Gubrist tunnel.
Longterm trends of tropospheric ozone: A critical review.
Is the ozone layer recovering?

Angelina Shavrina
Study of surface ozone in Kiev by model-based analysis with use of UAM-V.
Determination of total ozone and the retrieving ozone profiles according to Fourier-spectrometer observational data.

Oksana Tarasova
International scientific co-operation in atmosphere researches.
Механизмы изменчивости концентрации приземного озона.

Dr. V. Bogillo
Transboundary Transfer of Atmospheric Aerosols and POPs over Ukraine and Adsorption Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics of VOCs on the Surface of Solid Aerosol' Components.
The formation, transport, partitioning and fate of organohalogens in Antarctica.

Prof. Prusov
Methods of efficient modeling and forecasting different scale atmospheric processes: problem-solving numerical procedure of mesoscale forecast on basis of multiple nodes interpolation technique and problem-solving numerical procedure of macroscale forecast on basis of upstream finite-difference scheme.

Dr. Anatoly Zvyagintsev
Ozone in atmosphere: General concepts, units of measurements, sources and sinks, basic observational results: vertical distribution, geographical distribution, periodical and aperiodical variability, relations with solar and geophysical factors.

Gennadi Milinevsky
Eleven years Ukraine Antarctic research in connection to climate change.
Planetary waves and zonal asymmetry in ozone distribution above Antarctica.

A.V. Grytsai
Variation of total ozone content and lower stratosphere temperature in Antarctic Region during winter-spring period.



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“Atmosphere researches. Challenge for Ukraine”

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